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ZPAK is a Chinese company with over 15 years in the market, leader in the manufacturing and exporting of paper bags and gift boxes throughout the world market. The investment policy has positioned itself as one of the region’s most important firms over the last few years .
It has a plant with an area exceeding 6,000 sq.m. in a beautiful coastal city - Xiamen of China, Tong’An Industrial Compound, established in 2008 and equipped with the latest world-class technology HEIDELBERG CP2000 (Germany) offset printing machines, Digital cutting machines, High speed film laminating machines, Automatic shape cutting machines.
The ongoing training and permanent motivation of ZPAK personnel allows it to offer high standards of care to both customers and suppliers, and to consolidate a climate of harmony, warmth, respect and sense of belonging to the organization on a daily basis.

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Who can we provide
customized services for?
 *Various Distributors
We can provide gift wrap supply services to all types of distributors. If you are also engaged in the gift packaging industry and have special customization needs, we can provide you with free logo design and printing. 
​​​​​​​ *Ecommerce Platform
E-commerce platforms are the fastest means for people to realize online trade exchanges. We can provide sturdy and durable corrugated mailer boxes for various e-commerce platforms, and we can also customize design and print logos to enhance consumers' goodwill when they receive products.
​​​​​​​ *Various Brands
We have cooperated with hundreds of brands worldwide,so we are good at cooperating with brand owners. We can work with you to complete your design draft and help your brand shine through packaging !
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